Our philosophy is to create clothing that endures and will be in your closet for years if not decades. Keeping your clothing in use for longer is the best way to reduce harm to the environment. Caring for your clothing will ultimately lead to longer use. We’ve outlined some tips on how best to do so. 



  • Wash less. It will save your color and shape of your clothing over time and is often unnecessary. You can just hang clothes up after wearing and it will be fine to wear thereafter. 

  • Follow the care label. These are designed to get the best use out of your clothes. If it asks for a certain temperature, follow suit. 

  • Utilize safe cleaning products. Look for eco-friendly laundry detergents. Use organic softeners that leave out optical brighteners, chlorine, synthetic scents and colors, parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals and sulphates

  • Hang dry if possible. Skipping the dryer does more for the environment than any other choice in the clothing care process

  • If you must dry clean, find an eco-friendly one that use CO2 or water as the primary solvent. Most dry-cleaners use Perc, a harmful chemical. use CO2 or water as the primary solvent. Skip the plastic bags, bring your own and bring back your metal hangers.

  • To avoid wrinkles, take clothing out of the wash as soon as it is complete and hang dry

  • If there are still wrinkles, choose to steam over ironing, as ironing is harsh on clothing fibers.

  • Spot treat stains immediately with a small amount of baking soda or vinegar.

  • Reduce Microplastics. They can be emitted from washing synthetic fibers and end up in our water and the ocean. We recommend using Guppy Friend Washing Bag when washing garments that contain plastic fibers. It collects microplastics that come off garments.



Most clothing goes into landfill. Not at Green Suit. When you’re done using our clothing we’ll take them back for repair, resale or downcycle. We’re a zero waste brand. Simply email to arrange the return. We’ll update you on where your garment ends up.